Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Markup meeting minutes

Subject to a notice sent to all Members, the Committee met in the President’s Room, off the Senate Floor, on June 29, 2011 at 11:21 a.m. The following member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee were present:  Mr. Tester, Mr. Isakson, Mr. Akaka, Mr. Boozman, Mr. Scott Brown, Mr. Moran, Ranking Member Burr, and Chairman Murray.
Madame Chairman:  Seeing that we now have a quorum, let’s move to the six agenda items. Before we begin, I want to comment that we are using technology to be a truly paperless committee.  Instead of creating a bunch of paper, we estimate that just this markup has saved $500 in paper and ink costs alone.  I also want every Member of this Committee to know that we have CBO Estimates for every agenda item, and views from stakeholders and the administration. Moreover, all mandatory spending is fully offset or assumed in the baseline, and all new discretionary programs are paid for.
The Committee’s practice is to report pending legislation en bloc, subject to amendments, and technical and conforming changes.  With the Ranking Member’s concurrence we will do this for items 1,3,4,5, and 6. We’ll then vote on S. 572.   Senator Burr, do you have the motion?
Mr. Burr:  Madame Chairman, in accordance with the Committee’s longstanding practice to vote on agenda items as soon as a quorum of eight is present, I move that the Committee order favorably reported to the Senate the five legislative items on today’s agenda, Items 1,3,4,5, and 6.  I further move that the reporting or approval of each of these items be subject to any amendments or motions subsequently adopted.  Finally I move that the Committee staff be directed to prepare the Committee Reports on these items and make necessary clerical, technical, and conforming changes necessary to conform with the budget act.
Madame Chairman:   Is there a second?  [A chorus of seconds were heard.]
The motion has been made and seconded.  Is there any discussion on the motion before we act?
Seeing none, the vote is on the motion that the Committee approve the five agenda items, en bloc.
All those in favor, say ‘aye.’  [A chorus of Ayes was heard]
All those opposed, say ‘no.’  [No Nays were heard]
The ‘ayes’ have it.  The motion is agreed to and the five agenda items are ordered reported to the Senate.  
Moving now to agenda item #2 – S. 572, is there any discussion on this bill before I call the vote?   Seeing none, the Clerk will call the roll.
Mr. Akaka – Aye
Mr. Tester – Aye
Mr. Burr – Nay
Mr. Isakson -- Nay
Mr. Wicker – Nay by proxy  (voted by Mr. Burr)
Mr. Johanns – Nay by proxy (voted by Mr. Burr)
Mr. Scott Brown – Nay
Mr. Moran – Nay
Mr. Boozman – Nay
Madame Chairman – Aye
The following proxy’s were voted by the Chairman: 
Mr. Rockefeller--  Aye by Proxy
Mr. Sanders -- Aye by Proxy
Mr Sherrod Brown – Aye by Proxy
Mr. Begich – Aye by Proxy
Mr. Webb – Aye by Proxy
Clerk:  They Ayes are 8, the Nays are 7, the measure prevails.
Chairman:  Thank you all, we are adjourned.
11:26 a.m.

Chart on Roll Call of Agenda Item II, S. 572.

X by proxy
Mr. Rockefeller

Mr. Akaka

X by proxy
Mr. Sanders

X by proxy
Mr. Brown

X by proxy
Mr. Webb

Mr. Tester

X  proxy
Mr. Begich

Mr. Burr


Mr. Isakson


Mr. Wicker

X by proxy

Mr. Johanns

X by proxy

Mr. Brown


Mr. Moran


Mr. Boozman

Madame Chairman

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